Thursday, May 27, 2010


life is too important to be taken seriously.

most definitely. after having the most horrible morning at uni, full of wanker tutors and dick heads - who, may i add, aren't friendly, or nice, or helpful, or informative, or human, or approachable, but are just plain awful - i came across this quote, plastered across a wall, and it really hit me, i quite fancy it, and completely agree with it... and it made me smile, along with hearing from that long lost lad of mine! so after a shiiiiit morning, seeing that quote, hearing from that lad and coming home to snuggle with a blanket and watch beatrix potter, i guess my day's turned around a bit, and hey, if i want to have a break from uni this afternoon, i will, because life's too important to be taken seriously :)

so here's a little bit of happiness and prettiness.

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